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We are a decentralised Community of developers building for the permaweb.

We give over 5K builders the tools needed to bring their own ideas to life on top of the immutable, permanent and decentralised Arweave ecosystem.

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JavaScript/TypeScript SDK for the permaweb

Blockweave JS is a JavaScript/TypeScript SDK to easily interact with the Arweave network and the permaweb. Use it to create Node.js apps, CLI tools or even entire permaweb dapps!



decentralised governance platform for Profit Sharing Tokens

A Profit Sharing Community is like a start-up company, except unlike a traditional start-up, it is decentralised, open-sourced, and built on the permaweb. Use Community.XYZ to view, manage and create your own profit sharing communities.



Deploy your local files to Arweave

ArKB is a CLI tool to helps you save data costs while deploying content to the permaweb, by preventing the upload of data already deployed. ArKB also offers an IPFS + Arweave integration.



An easier way to interact with deployed content

ArDB allows you to interact with the permaweb-stored data via GraphQL. There's no need to remember nor write complex query strings. With ArDB everything is easier and faster.



Run a local test environment for Arweave

Arlocal allows anyone to run a local Arweave gateway-like server, this allows for faster testing and development of your products that use the Arweave ecosystem.



Textury is a decentralized profit sharing community on top of the permaweb, we create libraries and tools for over 5,000 developers and founders that use the Arweave ecosystem.
Built by and for a decentralised developers community, our main focus is to provide tools that take complete advantage of the Arweave permaweb capabilities and that you can always rely on. While providing support, inspire and learn from others.

Textury's tools are an important part of projects that have raised millions in funding.

Pull requests to our projects are always welcome!